Study objectives
Deployment of infrastructure for the implementation of narrow-band wireless networks of the Internet of things will allow monitoring environmental safety, search and rescue in emergency situations, remote sensing and agricultural operations, relaying and sending data. Theoretical studies will form the basis for creating a prototype of narrowband wireless MESH networks with support for various data transfer technologies (IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4g, IEEE 802.15.1, Bluetooth SIG v.5). Based on the results of the research, an international ITU-T recommendation and a draft international ISO/IEC standard will be developed.
Stage 1
Grant research survey
Mesh concept development
Technology and protocol analysis
Routing method analysis
Development of functioning algorithms
Network fragment model development
Conducting experiments with the model
Stage 2
Analysis of software and hardware for the implementation of the prototype
Acquisition of equipment and materials
Hardware Software development
Deployment of a mesh fragment in a dense urban area
Network fragment testing